1. Statement necklace. This one is from Zara but we don't have Zara here so i'm searching from other places.

2. Sheer shirts (black and white) are both from Topshop. I'm looking for this kind of shirts.

3. Alexander McQueen skull scarf. I don't like skull print or anything with skulls on it but this scarf is something i really like. I would like to find a cheap version of this scarf so if you know where i could get it let me know! :)

4. Fake fur vest from H&M. Great for fall!

5. Short blazer is from Gina Tricot.

6. H&M's burgundy jeans. I want those!!

7. Top is from H&M also. I just found it from the online store and thought it was pretty cool.

So what do you guys have in your wishlists? :)
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