I don't know if you have noticed that i've started a cooperation with Their banner is on my sidebar. Now there's a cool promo that when you spend $50 there you get an amazing gift! So you should definitely check them out and they have a world wide shipping wich is free almost in every product.

//Eli oon jo jonkin aikaa tehnyt yhteistyötä nettikauppa kanssa. Sivupalkissa on ollut niiden mainos muutaman viikon. Nyt niillä on kampanja - osta $50 ja saat yllätyslahjan! Toimitus on joka puolelle maailmaa ja monilla tuotteilla ilmainen. Laitoin tohon alas mun omia suosikkeja nettikaupasta:
 White blazer/jacket $24.60
Fall jacket just $13.40!!
Cardigan $21.20 I have similar here(link):)
I love this fur vest $13.50 !
Jumpsuit $8.70
Blouse $12.98
Necklace $6.69
My number one favorite! Leopard cardigan and it's just $7.70
From left: $15.99, $15.99, $6.10
As you can see prices are really low and clothes are very trendy.
Now go to :)
 Like their facebook page here(link).

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