polka dots

Hey! I have so many outfits and other things to show you but no time to take photos. It's sad because i would really like to still post (almost) every day. I'm glad that after one week is the holiday and we've planned to take a little trip then.

//Haluaisin tosi kovasti postata useammin kuin kerran viikossa, mutta ei oo aikaa ottaa kunnon kuvia, enkä halua koko ajan tehdä instagram-postaksia. Enää onneksi vaan viikko syyslomaan ja mulla onki yks pikku reissu tiedossa, jota en malta odottaa! :)


Ps.  Check out Chinese-apparel's(link) Halloween promo! "Every lovely customer who make purchase for 50$ and more will get a chance to win Chinese-Apparel 100$ voucher!"

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