LINK YOUR BLOG: blogs pt. 1

Beautiful Marta Dymek! She's an university student and a model. Fashion, inspiration and everyday life, check out her blog
 Letters to Juliet is a fashion and food blog! What could be a better combination;) Blog's writer Mitha Komala is 15 years old college student who has a beautiful personal style.
Check out her blog
Miss Minnie M is a 3rd year University Student, studying Marketing and Public Relations. Her blog is about all things that the banner says. I really liked reading Rihanna's new album reviews and posts about new artists that i haven't ever heard of:)
Visit her blog
Georgina Goodman looks like a model and lives in London! She really has a unique style and as the banner says the blog is about fashion and lifestyle.
Her blog
14 years old Perla describes her blog like this " this blog you will find my daily photos,outfits etc. I like dancing, painting and photography..." I think her blog is really cute and look at her stunning hair! 
Visit her blog

Okay, that was the first part of the linked blogs and tomorrow i'll post the second part.
//Tässä kaikki ulkomaalaiset blogit ja huomenna esittelen loput. 


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