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Other bloggers that I have nominated:
Rosecandle 11  
Totally Vogue
Adventures of an Anglophile 

7 facts about me: (suomeksi "14 Random Facts" - postaus täällä)
- I live in northern Finland.

- I love music and i'm always listening something. My music taste is really wide. I also go to music high school and i take there singing lessons and play a viola in an orchestra.

- I'm allergic to cats and horses, which sucks! 

- I love eating and i like almost every food but i don't like cooking. 

- I can speak Finnish, English, Swedish and French.

- When i'm on internet or on my phone i'm (almost) always reading blogs.

- I'm happy with my life at the moment but i can't wait for the future(graduation, moving, working, etc...)

 Thank you A Closet Of Chaos for tagging me!

xx Marianne

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