This was one of the hardest posts to make. I don't know why the photos didn't go to right places etc. Also there's photos missing and one two times but it took me so long that i decided to post this anyway. :-D

Tää oli yks hankalimmista postauksista tehdä. En saanu kuvia paikalleen, jouduin käyttämään montaa ohjelmaa, joitain kuvia puuttuu ja yks esiintyy tässä nyt 2 kertaa... Käytin tähän kuitenki niin paljon aikaa, että päätin julkaista, vaikka en oo täysin tyytyväinen. :-D
1. When we were taking these photos. 2. Tried this lovely coat at H&M. But they didn't have my size anymore:( 3. Eating out with friend after exam week. 4. @ school
5. I made "croissants". Didn't taste the same but still good! 6. The day when we visited University we also ate out. 7. Tofu ice cream and caramel sauce for dessert. 8. @ Coffee House 

9. At Disco Fiasco's gig. 10. Banana pancakes+greek yogurt+grapes 11. Studying at library. 12. Hi again!
13. McDonald's @ 11pm with Dora and Tiitu :-D 14. That scarf keeps me warm. 15. Bought a new top for next friday's party. 16. Now candies and MTV Catfish. I'm trying to get rid of the flu.

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